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Welcome to Independent Futures With Autism! This website is for adults with high functioning autism, "Asperger's", or related condition, and their vocational counselors, job coaches, employers, and family members. Independent Futures With Autism is dedicated to improving employment outcomes for individuals on the autism spectrum through impactful, individualized, and coordinated services.  We focus uniquely on improving the interactive and adaptive behaviors that are needed for successful employment and that are so often challenging for individuals with autism or related social-communication and adaptive challenges. At this website, parents, family members, and clients will find blogs, books, Q&A, and individual and group services designed to improve skills for employment. Vocational agencies and employers can find evaluation, training, and consultative services to support the vocational needs of the employee on the autism spectrum. 

Positive employment outcomes lead to independence--through this website and coordinated services with all stakeholders, we hope to  help individuals on the autism spectrum achieve Independent Futures.

 - Lisa & Diane - 

Lisa Tew, MS, CCC-SLP

Lisa Tew is a speech-language pathologist who has worked with individuals on the autism spectrum from preschool through young adulthood since 1978...

Diane Zajac, LMSW

Diane Zajac is a school social worker who has been working with individuals on the autism spectrum for 20 years.  In recent years, Diane has worked with a state agency as a job coach...

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