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Our singular focus at is to help the individual with high functioning autism or "Asperger’s" attain employment and independence. We hope that visitors to our website will find blog topics that are interesting and helpful! We invite you to join our IFAutism Connection where you can suggest blog topics that you would like us to address, as well as ask questions. After reading our blogs, please go to our Facebook page to post comments related to that topic or blog, and also read comments written by others as well. 
​Here are some suggestions for how you can make the most use of the blogs here at
  • Read for topics that the individual on the autism spectrum needs to prepare him or her for employment, relationships, and independence.

  • Check back often to find new topics as new blogs are created.

  • Let us know (IFAutism Connection form) if you need other ideas or if you run into barriers-we will try to help as many people as we can through our blogs and Q&A.

  • Ideally, parents or voc counselors should be able to show the individual with autism the blogs and discuss them together.  I suggest that you create an understanding for a partnership with him or her-you must work together to prepare for an independent future. If you encounter issues, try the following suggestions:

    • If you are getting push back and lack of cooperation,  point out that the ideas are not coming only from you but from the expertise of others--either of you can communicate with us, we are real people and we know what we are talking about! Lack of cooperation might be a “big picture” problem--see blogs about discussing autism, the big picture, strengths and weaknesses, and other areas.

    • Parents: point out that these blogs depend on you the parent (or other ”neurotypical” guide) to coach, and give you the authority to coach--it is our experience that parents or other committed guides are the best coaches (we will be blogging about this and you can share it with your child).

    • Implementing blog suggestions is best done with commitment, partnership, and a sincere effort to be objective and positive about the strengths and weaknesses that you are addressing. Be firm about oppositional behaviors when working on the blog skills because if he or she does not develop the employability and interactive skills that we are covering, he or she is unlikely to reach his or her potential in life. We are serious about independent futures!

  • Parents: if you can’t get past initial negativity and opposition then you can implement the blog suggestions without a partnership by using teachable moments, setting up reward systems and the like-we may be able to help with this if you have specific questions. The goal is for the individual with autism to accept partnerships with you and vocational services personnel as he or she develops maturity and awareness.

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