Autism and Employment: Raising Your Child with Foundational Skills for The Future

By Tew and Zajac, Published by Future Horizons

Although many children with ASD achieve academic success and have average or above cognitive abilities, employability and independence are significant issues for young adults on the autism spectrum, and they are primary concerns for their parents.   This book outlines the soft skills that have been shown to increase the chances for success in the workplace for young adults, and the foundational social communication skill “underpinnings” for those soft skills. The book then provides explicit instruction for parents to help them introduce those social communication skills, extend them and increase independence with them, and make the concepts and the use of “tools” offered for each skill an ongoing part of their children’s lives.

101 Positive Steps Toward Employment With Autism

Social Skills for the Workplace

By Tew, Published by Future Horizons 


This book addresses challenges in the workplace for adults with high functioning autism, in 5 specific areas: making mistakes, “when things go wrong”; choosing words to say to others; communicating with body, face and voice tone; and “intensity” issues.  The 101 "steps" each provide specific, focused insights and practice for positive responses to challenges at work. The steps also include themes of tolerance, advocacy, respect, reputation, and tackle issues of “sincerity” and dealing with novel and uncomfortable situations.  This book is written to the adult on the autism spectrum, but may be utilized by parents, vocational counselors, and job coaches to help them provide guidance and assistance.

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